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Tambahkan 700ml air dari isi ikan kembung serta sardin. Setiap hidangan adalah untuk 6 porsi. Memang jimat kerana isi kandungan pek adalah dari ekstrak bahan mentah sahaja. Menu boleh diubahsuai mengikut kesesuaian seperti Asam Laksa, Asam Rebus Ikan, Asam Pedas Ikan/Daging/Ayam, Sup Asam Sayur.

100% NATURAL : All our products are with No MSG, No Coloring, No Preservative and all Premium Selected Ingredients

AUTHENTIC TASTE : From award-wining recipe to traditional home cookedrecipes, you can now make your home dishes stand out with our seasoning mix.

TASTY AND CONVENIENT : Great with marinade, salad dressing, stir fry,barbeque seasoning, home cooking and more to discover!

EASY & DELICIOUS : It is so easy that it saves up your preperation time. With justa little scope of this seasoning mix, it gives your food a total change of rich flavours.

DAPUR SPICES MISSION : Bringing you Quality food from classic Malaysiancuisine and creates happy moments in home cooking to our meals.


  • - Made of Natural Ingredients
  • - Authentic Taste of classic Thai Cuisine
  • - Delightful Flavour for Spicy Food Lovers
  • - Ready to Cook Instant Mix

Dapur Spices ready to cook Asam Laksa Powder – a complete blend oftraditional herbs that make the base for this delicious classic ‘Penangite’ Asam Laksa.It is produced using the finest quality raw ingredients - Kesum (Vietnamese Coriander)leaves, shrimp paste, Bird’s Eye Chilli and many more – combined and processed intoa lightweight pack, full of flavor! Experience authentic Asam Laksa flavor with simplepreparation at home.

All you have to do is add in 700ml water, 400gm of minced Long Jawed Mackerel orSardine and vegetables to your liking. This hassle – free product not only saves youtime searching for the ingredients, but also the amount of time needed to prepare theingredients for the broth. The menu is not limited, be creative about it! Otherrecommended recipes: Fish/chicken/beef, Asam Rebus (beef stew),vegetable/beef/chicken soup.